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    2024 March Cover Issue 216
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    Editor's Letter

    The Berg wind, our indigenous phenomenon

    I am writing to you from the tip of Africa where we have been fortunate to enjoy the most beautiful weather, even in the heart of winter. As we embrace June in the Southern Hemisphere, a warm breeze sweeps through our land, heralding the presence of the Berg wind. This indigenous phenomenon, known as a katabatic wind, descends from the lofty heights of our central plateau, cascading down the Great Escarpment to the coastal plains.

    Beyond its atmospheric beauty, this wind bears an unexpected advantage. It creates conditions less favourable for the proliferation of viruses. Let me explain.

    Viruses are predominantly airborne pathogens and thrive when suspended above ground level. In winter, as temperatures drop, these viruses acquire an outer coating that facilitates their airborne journey. Moreover, the lower humidity characteristic of winter in many regions aids their mobility, allowing them to hover nearer to nose and mouth level, increasing the risk of inhalation.

    In this issue you will find many more interesting facts as we cover a wide range of topics, written by experts with experience in the field.

    The responsibility for preserving your health is yours.

    With Love

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    Illness – a different perspective

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    If we are going to feel and be well, to enjoy optimal health, we must be willing to explore, discover and work to satisfy our needs in all regions of the inner self – psychologically, spiritually, physically, relationally and even professionally. It’s a tall order, but anyone can do it.

    Liver Cleansing Herbs

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    The liver is the largest organ in the body and functions as an enormous filter and detoxification centre. It is also involved in the metabolism of a range of essential nutrients required by the body such as specific proteins and bile acids.

    Understanding Canine Epilepsy

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    Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases in dogs. Understanding what causes seizures and knowing how best to cope with them and how epilepsy can be treated in the longer term will help you deal with the shock of discovering that your pet is affected.

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