March 2022 Volume 1 / Issue 183

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Natural Medicine Magazine March issue 183
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Editor's Letter

The natural flow of life

‘Your life begins to change when you change something you do every day.’ – John C. Maxwell.

A persistent and lucrative attempt by pharmaceutical interests to overturn the wisdom of the ages allows for (under the guise of ‘authority’) gross negligence bordering on manslaughter across the globe – and this is not what we agreed to and exactly what unites so many of us. How can poison ever offer true healing?

Are you mindful enough of toxic chemicals found in most household cleaning products? Refer to my short article: The dirt on cleaning products for some tips on replacing ammonia and even rinse aid. There’s nothing good about gasping for air with your eyes watering as you inhale bathroom cleaners and even the fabric softener during your Uber ride! Other legal poisons include glyphosate (Round-up), fluoride, aspartame, sulphates, various preservatives and so much more.

As difficult as it truly is to change our own bad habits, it remains the only sure way to optimise health, and positively influence others. There are millions of people who go through life doing the same thing over and over again, wishing that their health could be different, yet things never change, because they’re not willing to do what it takes. For example, superfit sports people don’t need to detox… or do they? Read the article by Ian Craig on detox and why it is important also for athletes.

One of the most difficult psychological and emotional challenges facing the chronically ill person is the loss of identity they often feel. Please please if you know anyone with a chronic condition, ask them to read the article written by one of our most compassionate healers, Arjan Bogaers: Chronic Illness: A 4 Phase Journey to a New Life.

So many of us await the outcome of the SAHPRA court case set for the 7th of this month (next week!) We will give you an update in our next newsletter. This make-or-break case will affect our entire natural health products sector. The Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa is to decide on whether to uphold the 2020 High Court ruling declaring SAHPRA's Complementary Medicines' regulations unlawful.

I would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and work colleagues of Craig Doonen, founder and MD of Leap Communications. To all of you who have had the privilege to walk a little bit alongside him in this life, our hearts go out to you. Rest in Peace Craig. Your open heart has touched many of us deeply.


Our authors receive no payment or any other form of remuneration from us or from the industry. They take time out from their busy schedules to write articles – and then we insist that they meet our deadlines, submit extra references, answer endless queries from reviewers and copy editors, and respond to the letters we receive from you, our readers. Here’s to all of them! May their tireless and tremendous efforts bring them well-deserved rewards.

Yours in Healthy Living

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Paleo vs Plant – a comprehensive response to an ongoing debate

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Genetic adaptation occurs over many generations, whereas we only have a single lifetime to get it right. Rather than trying to adjust our genes to a diet that might be inherently wrong for us, why not adapt our diet to our own genetics? The end question when considering the article Paleo vs Plant is whether you should be restricting wholegrains, starchy veg and fruit (as Noakes believes) or if you should be restricting animal proteins (as Shearer believes).

Uncovering the Dirt on Cleaning Products

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Everyone loves a clean house. But have you counted the cost? And I’m not referring to how expensive they are but how cleaning products affect your health. Most household chemicals contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde, propane, butane, phthalates and many others – all ingredients known to be harmful to our health. It has been said that chemicals on the skin can be absorbed by the body within less than a minute. This is scary since we are exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis.

Clean up your Sport – Detox!

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Athletes are not typically a group of individuals that you might associate with detoxification programmes and liver support. Should we be leaving that to the overweight middle-agers who have indulged themselves at Christmas? After all, you are a clean-living, highly fit and healthy lot, aren’t you? Or are you? Surely superfit sports people don’t need to detox? Read on, the answer may surprise you.

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