March 2023 Issue 205

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    Editor's Letter

    Fighting against censorship 

    The medical community, health authorities, government agencies and mainstream and social media is continuing to threaten the existence of natural medicines and therapies. Our industry is being censored (now more than ever) and algorithms changed, to not show our posts on social media. Many health products struggle to get their message out and their products seen.

    We will remain dedicated and as passionate as ever, with full editorial control and no gatekeepers. We are on all the mainstream platforms (for now) and will also publish on platforms that support independent thought and free speech, reject censorship and ‘cancel culture' such as Rumble, Substack, Gettr and Mewe. We will share our links to these platforms in due course.

    Please share this magazines and our newsletters so that you, and everyone you care about, can have access to uncensored, objective, independent and credible information on health. And so that the businesses producing and distributing health products, stay in business. Protect the companies that help people like you. Help me to help them!

    We can say what they can not. We can reach where they can not.

    Simply forward this and all they need to do is click on the subscribe button below, or email me at [email protected] with ‘SUBSCRIBE ME' in the subject line, and I will add them to our mailing list. Our Natural Medicine World newsletter is one of the best ways to receive the vital health news and information that we all have a right to access. Just remember to whitelist us so that the email newsletter doesn't end up in your spam folder. Here is how: Whitelist


    Really do it! Do it for yourself, your children and everyone you care about. Even if you don’t think you need it now. At least the information and products will be there when you do need it.

    Remember the fairy tale The Emperor's New Clothes… or this?: ‘Nobody is safe until everyone is vaccinated.'

    We live in interesting times.

    Uncensored. Objective. Independent. Credible.

    Yours in Healthy Living 

    Daleen Full Signature Daleen Totten

    Dreaming of Sleep

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    Sleep is something that everyone on the planet does; some love it, some regard it as a waste of time, and a few seek it desperately. Whatever your relationship with sleep, it is vital for our health and wellbeing. Sleep is not a luxury but a necessity.

    Get Moving

    By |2023-03-21T08:33:17+00:00March 19th, 2023|

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    Exercise plays an important role in all the phases of life, not just until you pass your driving test! Ian Craig gives some good reasons to get moving, and suggests some exercise options.

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