May 2021 Volume 1 / Issue 151

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    Natural Medicine World Magazine Issue 151
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    Editor's Letter

    The importance of transparency, credibility and freedom of information

    All our articles are uncensored, not filtered by social media companies and independently written by professionals in their field. While we do send a list of upcoming features out to industry, inviting them to advertise alongside the articles, we will not change the content of an article at the advertiser’s request. Our content is objective and credible. Should an article recommend a product, this reflects the author’s own experience.


    On top of our usual increasing stress levels, the global political and economic situation is resulting in a super-stressed population with mental health on the decline. As we struggle along with restrictions, pandemic fear mongering and economic impact, we look at how to identify and beat depression; find the silver lining of nightmares and navigate our new reality as we struggle to find meaning and purpose in life.


    Our authors receive no payment or any other form of remuneration from us or from the industry. They take time out from their busy schedules to write articles – and then we insist that they meet our deadlines, submit extra references, answer endless queries from reviewers and copy editors, and respond to the letters we receive from you, our readers. Here’s to all of them! May their tireless and tremendous efforts bring them well-deserved rewards.

    Yours in healthy living

    Daleen Full Signature Daleen Totten

    Does Exercise Age Us ?

    By |2021-05-22T23:19:10+00:00September 26th, 2017|

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    A certain amount of oxidative stress is needed for adaptation to the exercise and adaptation to life. BUT, if this oxidative stress is excessive for a prolonged period, it becomes damaging to the body and potentially impacts the ageing process.

    Identify and Beat Depression Naturally

    By |2023-06-02T13:22:13+00:00October 5th, 2017|

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    Do you feel sad, empty, fatigued? Are you experiencing a loss of interest in everyday activities, do you suffer from insomnia or sleep excessively, have you noticed significant changes in your weight? Do you feel worthless, hopeless, lonely, apathetic and miserable? These can all be symptoms of depression. If you feel this way, the good news is – you don’t have to!

    Unlock Tension with Body Stress Release

    By |2022-10-19T19:04:58+00:00February 23rd, 2021|

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    Body Stress Release is a gentle yet precise wellness technique that is safe and suitable for people of all ages and in all states of health. It releases stress locked in the body and enhances the body’s communication and co-ordinating abilities. John and Colleen Beck tell us how it works ...

    Magnesium – the understated mineral

    By |2022-10-19T20:58:15+00:00February 23rd, 2021|

    Table of Contents |

    Magnesium is thought to combat fatigue because it helps release energy in the body. It also plays a role in the production of melatonin, which helps to regulate sleep; this production is disturbed when levels of magnesium are insufficient. As well as being helpful in treating fatigue and insomnia, magnesium plays a role in preventing and treating a host of other common ailments from the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) to heart problems.

    6 Natural Answers to Insomnia

    By |2023-03-12T15:33:54+00:00July 20th, 2021|

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    Sleep (six to eight hours in darkness and quiet) is critical to health, general sense of well-being and longevity. It is a vital physical need to restore and replenish our bodies and minds. We require sleep for survival just as we need food, water and oxygen. There are a number of herbal and homeopathic remedies you could try, but the most important ‘remedy’ is to learn to relax before you go to bed.

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