October 2021 Volume 1 / Issue 169

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    Natural Medicine World Magazine Issue 169
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    Editor's Letter

    This week in the news: Alzheimers, vitamin A drops and rheumatoid arthritis

    • Research from Germany has shown the potential benefit of vitamin A nasal drops to help repair tissues in the nose damaged by viruses. This could help to improve the lives of millions around the world suffering from loss of smell.
    • Health researchers at the University of Michigan have found that eating a single hot dog could take 36 minutes off your life.
    • An impressive new study is presenting robust evidence showing the toxic proteins thought to be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease may be produced in the liver. Toxins travel through the blood, before landing in the brain, causing neuron damage. If we can manage the lipoprotein-amyloid levels in blood and prevent their leakage into the brain, we are closer to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and slow memory loss.
    • On the topic of Alzheimer’s: a small scale study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, reveals omega-3 supplements stabilised memory function in adults with Alzheimer’s disease. Those who did not take omega-3 supplements showed a deterioration in memory function.
    • Impressive new research (University College London) is suggesting bacterial imbalances in the gut microbiome may play a major role in the development of rheumatoid arthritis. Damage to the gut lining directly correlates with joint inflammation and arthritis severity. Bacteria cross the prohibited border of the intestinal lining and repairing gut permeability, inhibits joint inflammation and arthritis.


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    Planning a Herb Garden

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    With our ongoing drought, food prices continue to rise. Now is a good time to create a herb garden as these plants are undemanding, inexpensive, nutritious and have health benefits to boot. Bridget Kitley answers frequently asked questions on how to plant the perfect herb garden.

    How to Manage Sinusitis Naturally

    By |2024-04-10T12:19:59+00:00April 3rd, 2020|

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    Over-use of antibiotics and cortisone sprays has led to more virulent forms of bacterial infections as well as new fungal infections of the sinus cavities. Asthma and allergic disorders often cause chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa, resulting in chronic sinusitis. About 20% of patients with chronic sinusitis may develop nasal polyps, cyst-like growths that develop from sinus tissue and may further obstruct the sinuses.

    Natural Solutions for Acne

    By |2021-10-04T10:37:30+00:00October 3rd, 2021|

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    80% of us will experience acne at some point in our life, but for some the psychological impact can be more severe than the condition itself. Acutane, synthetic hormones and antibiotics are not benign drugs and come with side effects and risks – there are alternative effective options.

    Pomegranate – The tree of Life

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    The pomegranate is said to be the Tree of Life, and there is speculation as to whether it was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden! Its Latin name literally means ‘seeded apple’. It is a symbol of hope, one of the ‘three blessed fruits’ in Buddhism, and a symbol of resurrection in Christianity.

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