October 2021 Volume 2 / Issue 170

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Natural Medicine World Magazine Issue 170
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Editor's Letter

You CAN break free from the ongoing cycle of trauma

Ahead of World Trauma Day on 17 October, I share two very important articles in this weeks’ issue: Childhood Fear and Mind-control Programming by brilliant author Lisa Catano, and Energy Psychology – hope for depression, by Veronica Haupt. She is the developer of ReCode, a methodology that combines three energy psychology techniques (EFT, Reframing and The Healing Code), as well as some neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

We look at repeating patterns and the working of our subconscious programming. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) are now being directly linked to depression, illness, anxiety and addiction in adulthood.

Some of the other symptoms include ADD and ADHD, compulsive behaviour and an inability to cope with everyday life without medication, over-dramatised reactions to life and a lack of empathy.

Seeing that it is breast cancer month, we share Dr Brom's article on breast screening. He writes that this is amongst the most important topics he has ever written about.


Our authors receive no payment or any other form of remuneration from us or from the industry. They take time out from their busy schedules to write articles – and then we insist that they meet our deadlines, submit extra references, answer endless queries from reviewers and copy editors, and respond to the letters we receive from you, our readers. Here’s to all of them! May their tireless and tremendous efforts bring them well-deserved rewards.

Yours in Healthy Living

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Energy Psychology for Depression

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I was one of those people who didn’t really think that the dark cloud that had always hung over my life and constant thoughts of suicide was depression. Even after a suicide attempt, I never realised I was depressed. The sad truth for many people is that if depression has always been a part of your mental state, it feels normal!

Exam Stress Sorted

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Are you chewing fingernails, taking long breaks in between study periods, eating more, exercising less, cramming more, and sleeping less? Sounds like exam stress to me. Normal life stress is compounded by exam stress and when unusual things happen just before exams, performance can plummet and parents become despondent at their petulant offspring. So what to do?

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