October 2022 Volume 1 / Issue 197

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    October 2022 Volume 1 / Issue 197
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    Editor's Letter

    Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) – the cause of many mystery illnesses?

    I am currently reading a book, Medical Medium, by Anthony William. Interestingly, his take on Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) as the cause of many mystery illnesses, has just made headlines in the scientific community. After so many years since he wrote this number 1 NY Times best seller in 2015, Harvard researchers identified EBV infection as greatly increasing the risk of subsequent multiple sclerosis and that it preceded the development of disease, supporting its potential role in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis.1

    EBV is a herpes virus that can cause infectious mononucleosis and establishes a latent, lifelong infection of the host.

    In this issue:

    We break down vitamin C sensibly. Does it really help with colds and flu, is it not just expensive urine and what are the side effects? How much do we really need and can we not just get enough through the food we eat?

    Is Imhotep the true father of modern medicine? He was one of the first known physicians in early history. Historians call him the world’s original genius. He was also a priest, astronomer and the architect of the Step Pyramid of pharaoh Djoser of the 3rd Dynasty.

    If you struggle to fall asleep, here is a new tip: using a weighted blanket of around 12% body weight, prompts the release of 30% higher concentrations of melatonin! And if you are reading this at bedtime, I bid you a good night’s rest. 

    South Africa's Cabinet Approves African Medicines Agency Treaty

    South Africa's cabinet on Tuesday approved the signing of the African Union treaty establishing the African Medicines Agency (AMA). This will give effect to the treaty that was adopted by the African Union Assembly in 2019. The treaty formally establishes the AMA for the continent. The agency will regulate medical products, and improve the safety and efficacy of the medical products for the continent.

    Cough syrup caused child deaths

    The deaths of 69 children from acute kidney injury in Gambia is linked to four cough syrups made in India and imported into the West African country via a U.S.-based pharmaceutical company, the Gambian police said in a preliminary investigation report on Tuesday. Why use such hectic pharmaceuticals on children? There are many natural botanical cough syrups to choose from such as Sinulex cough syrup from Tara Pharmaceuticals.

    Groundbreaking new drug prevents and TREATS type 1 diabetes

    Oral formulations of insulin are typically designed to improve absorption and increase blood bioavailability. According to Nature Biomedical Engineering, bile-acid polymers were formulated into nanoparticles for the oral delivery of insulin. Blood-glucose levels were restored in mice and pigs with established type 1 diabetes!

    One of the major obstacles to creating a successful oral medication for diabetes is that the drug breaks down in the patient’s gastrointestinal system. The nanoparticle, however, protects the insulin while carrying it to the site of the pancreas, where it unloads the medication.

    In the mice, the nanoparticles also reversed inflammation, restored metabolic functions and extended animal survival.

    ‘So you actually are curing the disease while you are maintaining insulin levels at the same time,’ said developer Tarek Fahmy, associate professor of biomedical engineering and of immunobiology.2

    For more news and notes from around the world, click here: October News and Notes


    1. K. Bjornevik, M. Cortese, B. C. Healy, J. Kuhle, M. J. Mina, Y. Leng, S. J. Elledge, D. W. Niebuhr, A. I. Scher, K. L. Munger, A. Ascherio, Longitudinal analysis reveals high prevalence of Epstein-Barr virus associated with multiple sclerosis. Science 375, 296–301 (2022).
    2. Lee, J.S., Han, P., Chaudhury, R. et al. Metabolic and immunomodulatory control of type 1 diabetes via orally delivered bile-acid-polymer nanocarriers of insulin or rapamycin. Nat Biomed Eng 5, 983–997 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41551-021-00791-0


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    Yoghurt and Raw Milk Safety Concerns

    By |2022-09-19T08:22:10+00:00September 16th, 2022|

    Table of Contents |

    I recently discovered that one of my favourite (Camphill) yoghurts is not pasteurised. I generally don't eat much dairy but find that I benefit from eating high-quality alive yoghurt. Is eating unpasteurised yoghurt or labaneh safe? Surely one needs to heat milk to clear it from any ‘nasties’.

    Kicking out Candida

    By |2024-06-14T13:04:54+00:00October 6th, 2022|

    Table of Contents |

    Candida can cause all sorts of symptoms ranging from depression to thrush. Physical and emotional cleansing as well as the correct diet can combat this unwanted fungus effectively. Imagine an unwanted houseguest in your living room, demanding a steady stream of sugary carbohydrates. That’s Candida, and a more unpleasant houseguest I cannot imagine.

    Imhotep – ‘one who comes in peace’

    By |2022-10-08T14:36:50+00:00October 7th, 2022|

    Table of Contents |

    The true father of modern medicine? Apart from Hesy-Ra and Merit-Ptah, Imhotep was one of the first known physicians in early history. Historians call him the world’s original genius. He was also a priest, astronomer and the architect of the Step Pyramid of pharaoh Djoser of the 3rd Dynasty.

    Rolfing – structural integration

    By |2022-10-10T09:32:42+00:00October 8th, 2022|

    Table of Contents |

    Rolfing - structural integration, is organising and integrating the human body in gravity promotes wellbeing. Among the various systems of manipulation and somatic education, Rolfing is unique in its focus and goals in that it aims to align and organise the body in gravity.

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