Juicy Mountain Retreat

There are some places that have to be experienced rather than read about – Juicy Mountain is one of those places. I discovered this rustic ‘hotel’ 12 years ago and the very second I stood overlooking the valley, watching what I can only describe as one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world, I knew I had to run a retreat here.

At first the only time I could hire the ‘hotel’ was in the off season, during April when sometimes it isn’t as warm as Turkey is known for. There was nowhere to do yoga or rebounding and the electricity kept going off. In many ways it shouldn’t have worked, but it did . . . beautifully.

I was keen to invest in the place and build a platform which took in the truly spectacular view. I wanted to do rebounding with a view to die for and wanted people to experience ‘yoga to sunset’ on an outside platform that took their breath away. I wanted people to ‘detox’ at a place so remote there’s not a shop for many, many miles, thus removing all temptation and giving them 100% chance of success.

I really wanted to hire the ‘hotel’ exclusively and turn it into the retreat it was always destined to be. Luckily six years ago I was presented with that opportunity and I turned the ‘hotel’ (then known as Mote Negro) into Juicy Mountain Rustic Retreat. The stunning outside yoga and rebounding platform which was locked in my imagination soon became a beautiful reality, along with more accommodation, a tent area (which has been totally upgraded), an enclosed ‘Fitness and Yoga’ area, a cheeky little Volleyball court and of course the fi nest freshest juices produced from local produce.

There is something about Juicy Mountain that you simply cannot put your finger on. The weather isn’t always wonderful, the rooms very rustic and the electric can randomly go off, but it’s a magical place and I LOVE it – luckily I’m far from the only one. People come from all over the world to this extremely remote retreat and we are always full. This is why I had to look for another retreat – Juicy Oasis in Portugal. Juicy Oasis has all the mod cons, but Juicy Mountain is just an entirety all of its own and it really is a place words do nothing for, you simply have to experience it.

The best description I can think of is that Juicy Mountain is the most effective one-week RECHARGE you can get for your mind and body. If you feel you’re not quite fi ring on all cylinders, get yourself to our stunning Juicy Mountain and plug yourself in – you’ll leave lighter in both body and mind and you’ll just have that spark back.

web www.juicymountain.com/booking/ contact Nina on +44 (0)1234 480 280 email nina@juicymountain.com

Hope to see you up the mountain soon.

Big Juicy Love – Jason


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Juicy Mountain Retreat

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