Perfect justice reigns in a perfect, balanced Universe; and our Soul knows that every action shall meet inevitably with an equivalent reaction. The concept of ‘dysfunction’ is erroneous, for it necessarily implies the imperfection of an orderly universe. Everything always balances. No mortal can improve upon the Law of Divine Balance, though many have tried.

We live in harmony to the extent that we appreciate harmony. A higher Judge sits at the bench, to free us from the need to evaluate every action of our fellow travellers on the planet. Which part of our body deserves more blood as a reward for its special service?

Ultimately, we only perceive ourselves reaping injustice when we judge others. Fickle society condemns behaviour one day and embraces it the next. Witness, for example, ‘The Sexual Revolution’, in which many previous rules of conduct were overturned in favour of ‘Free Love’. Of course, nothing is free, and you get what you pay for. Society reaps its own seed, and there are unforeseen penalties to such rollercoaster behaviour, as the outer world cycles through its inevitable peaks and decays of so-called ‘morality’. How much greater is that Life designed for Universal order to triumph! That which aligns with Love and Law parallels the forces of Immortality. We are alive as long as we are Love. We are love as long as we live.


Demartini JF. The Wisdom of the Oracle. 1st Books LibraryTM; 2001.


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Dr John Demartini
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