Love Conquers All

Our sense of true self-worth is the natural product of Love and gratitude for Divine order. In contrast, the drive for materialism without spiritualism, compels a lingering need for hard countable wealth; its luxury and enjoyment always seems to be offset by the calculation, ‘Is this enough now?’

In frustration, the answer is usually no, unless we learn to think and grow inwardly wealthy through peace of mind.

Capitalism is justifiably designed to be self-perpetuating; by encouraging consumers to seek perpetual gratification for emotional or physical needs, wants, and desires which never can be fully satisfied. Though material worth conveys no permanent contentment, it is extremely useful in allowing us the privilege to seek these goals in more refined areas. It frees us to enter a larger toy store. Money is a physical symbol of an energy concept. Like electricity, money is neither bad nor good; money will be what we will it to be.

Once again, we must pass through the gates of illusion of the outer world, to attain mystery of the inner world. The Master can be with and be without equally.

May we commit ourselves to the fulfilment of our purpose in Life in spite of external addictions. May we learn to love beyond attachments or addictions. May we remain centered and not swayed by anything, which pulls us off to one side or the other, or pushes us mentally off balance. Walking the straight and narrow line, like walking a fence or tightrope, is difficult at first; but the faster we walk, the easier it gets (due to the Law of Momentum), and the more quickly we reach our destination.

Our experiences are tests on the path of Divine evolution. To have and have not is a test. To be humble or proud is a test. To be thankful or not thankful is a test. Even prayer itself is a test of our understanding Universal Law. For instance, prayer is not to be a by-product of distress, to be pulled out of our trunk in an emergency like a spare tyre. True prayer is not, ‘Oh God, please help me.’ True prayer is, ‘Thank you, God. I understand now that you are already helping me.’

It may be difficult at times to thank God for seemingly unanswered prayers, but all true prayer sets unseen higher forces in motion, whose directions will become obvious weeks, months, or even years later. Never doubt this, for it is called wisdom. ‘Fear is an absence of wisdom, and wisdom is an absence of Fear.’ Our test in times of trouble, when we see only one set of footprints in the sand, is whether we think we are alone, or whatever we know that God is carrying us. True prayer has true worth. Prayer is always answered with that special wisdom which aligns us powerfully with our Universe. Love conquers all.


Demartini JF. The Wisdom of the Oracle. 1st Books LibraryTM; 2001.

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