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Mind, Body, Soul

Our content in this section deals with real life issues that affect mind, body and soul. We recognise the role of Spirit in healing and the importance off a well-balanced body and mind.

Is Happiness Hormonal?

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A whole range of chemicals at the physical level of body function are concerned with happiness and good feelings. These chemicals, which include neurotransmitters carrying messages across nerve ends and hormones with a more widespread effect on the body, can be supported by a range of natural products.

Love Conquers All

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Our sense of true self-worth is the natural product of Love and gratitude for Divine order. In contrast, the drive for materialism without spiritualism, compels a lingering need for hard countable wealth; its luxury and enjoyment always seems to be offset by the calculation, ‘Is this enough now?’

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Spirit – The Secret Ingredient

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In our busy Western culture, with its emphasis on cell phone, e-mail and telephone communication, we tend to stay cocooned in our own worlds and out of touch with people around us. We have forgotten the importance of feeling loved and cared for; of the link between loving interaction with others and the will to live.

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Illness – a different perspective

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If we are going to feel and be well, to enjoy optimal health, we must be willing to explore, discover and work to satisfy our needs in all regions of the inner self – psychologically, spiritually, physically, relationally and even professionally. It’s a tall order, but anyone can do it.

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