Mother Nature Products are the proud manufacturers of great, green, baby products in Cape Town, South Africa.
Our user-friendly Nature Nappy System is gentle on the planet, saves you money and is chemical free.

Mother Nature Products’ Mission

Our mission is to produce natural baby products which are chemical- and synthetic free and to prevent further waste on landfills. Our products are primarily produced locally as a means of job creation as well as to reduce our carbon footprint.

We strive to make our green products durable, repairable, energy efficient and with recyclable materials to minimise the environmental impact through manufacturing, packaging, distribution, use and the disposal thereof.

What makes BAMBO® NATURE so special?

  • You can now choose a baby nappy which provides optimum comfort to your child without compromising your concern for the environmental impact of such products.
  • Bambo® Nature is for the new baby nappy generation of environment-friendly nappies: labelled with the Nordic Ecolabel – the official environmental labelling in Scandinavia.
  • The nappy features environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art raw materials enabling us to produce a slim and comfortable baby nappy without compromising its absorbency.


Abena only uses state-of-the-art renewable raw materials.

  • The wood pulp is derived from sustainable forestry where more trees are planted than felled.
  • There is zero chlorine used in the bleaching process.
  • No chemicals or compounds which are considered SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) are used as dictated by REACH Article 33(2).
  • No known substances that are harmful to health or the environment: phthalates, organotin compounds, heavy metals, chlorine, formaldehyde, AZO pigments and PVC.
  • Abena has gone as far as to prevent the use of any chemical or compound that is known to be locally irritating or sensitising.

Abena adheres to strict requirements during production.

  • Abena requires a reduction on energy consumption using an energy efficient diaper machine.
  • Abena adheres to the requirements on resource consumption as stipulated by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC label means that the fluff in our products comes from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted than felled.
  • There are criteria on factory emissions into the air, water and land and reducing carbon dioxide pollution.
  • Abena has designed an absorbent core with less SAP (super absorbent polymer) by using new technology with a wheat starch absorber.
  • Abena has almost completely reduced all waste during manufacturing – even powder and dust from the plant is filtered, collected and sold for further use.

Abena’s packaging and distribution focuses on reducing waste and the use of fuels.

  • Abena coined and started the Re-3 Concept of Recycle, Reduce & Reuse: Abena’s sustainable carrier bag reduces the world’s COemission by using recycled plastics.
  • Abena does not use cardboard boxes to package and ship Bambo® Nature Baby Diapers and Mother Nature Products only uses recycled boxes to distribute the Bambo®’s in South Africa.
  • Products and packaging materials can be disposed of through recycling, incineration or composting.
  • Products are designed to be easily dismantled so that parts can be recycled and/or composted.
  • Bambo® Nature is 80% biodegradable, more than 3 times as much as other brands.
  • Stora Enso, the wood pulp supplier of Abena, is a member of the Clean Shipping Project.

Bambo® Nature is sold and distributed in South Africa by

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