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You and the Pill

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Birth control pills or oral contraceptives frequently lead to deficiencies of the following nutrients: folic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, vitamin C, and minerals including magnesium, selenium, zinc and the amino acid tyrosine. Dr Arien van der Merwe looks at the effect of low levels of these nutrients and offers some advice.

You CAN live to be 100!

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According to the Danish Twin Study, only about 10% of the length of an average person’s life is dictated by our genes. The other 90% is determined by our lifestyle. So, in theory, if we can come up with the optimal formula for a good lifestyle, we can come up with the formula for longevity.

The wisdom in a tooth

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Wisdom teeth often become a problem because there is not enough space for them to erupt normally. A space shortage will cause them to get trapped behind the existing teeth, becoming impacted. The majority of problems occur when a tooth is partially erupted, thereby increasing the risk of developing gum infection and decay.

Sinusitis and allergies – the confusion sorted

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Sinusitis is a confusing topic, not only for patients but for many health practitioners as well. The confusion arises because of the many facets of this condition, problems with establishing the cause, and similarities between the symptoms of infection and those of allergy. In many cases allergy and infection coexist, feeding on each other, so that the allergic reaction also provides a home for micro-organisms and any infection (and its treatment) can trigger an allergic reaction.

Planning a Herb Garden

By |November 24th, 2017|Categories: Natural Living|

With our ongoing drought, food prices continue to rise. Now is a good time to create a herb garden as these plants are undemanding, inexpensive, nutritious and have health benefits to boot. Bridget Kitley answers frequently asked questions on how to plant the perfect herb garden.

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