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Natural Remedies

Natural Remedy Spirulina

We help you navigate the confusing world of herbs, vitamins and supplements. Remedies include healing modalities such as homeopathy, Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine to address a wide-range of health concerns.

Spotlight on Taurine

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Taurine (a key ingredient in Red Bull) is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is naturally produced in the human body and found in certain foods such as meat, fish and dairy products. It has been marketed as a supplement for a variety of health benefits, including improving athletic performance as it may improve endurance and reduce muscle damage and fatigue, especially in older adults.

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Tea for two or tea for you?

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Through the years I have found certain herbs to be remarkable in their ability to give effective, quick, and often astonishing, relief of many a common ailment. Making an infusion of the fresh, organically grown plant, and sipping it quietly and slowly often does more to ease the condition than a lot of serious medications, and I have proved this over and over again.

Saffron for Emotional Health

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Delicious with seafood, rice, tomatoes and plays well with plenty of garlic, saffron hails from the traditional medicine found in Persian cultures. It has served mankind for millennia as both a culinary herb and powerful medicine. Saffron is known for its vibrant colour and flavour, and also for being the world’s most expensive spice.

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Traditional African Medicine

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The Cinderella of herbal cultures is at last making a splash at the party! While much traditional African herbal lore has been lost, we have some powerful and exciting remedies for a wide range of conditions, some of which are more popular overseas than they are locally. Dr Frank Müller lists his top ten.

Cannabis as Medicine

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I started researching cannabis oil in December 2014 when my fiancé was diagnosed with a very large malignant brain tumour. I needed to see if there is enough evidence for its medicinal use, especially in cancer patients. I interviewed researchers, doctors, users and growers, both locally and abroad, and asked them tough questions.

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Tips on Discerning Dietary Supplement Use

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Strolling down the supplement aisles at health stores and pharmacies to choose the best multivitamin can be confusing. With so many different brands and varieties to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin. Given the abundance and conflicting nature of information available about dietary supplements, you may need help to sort the reliable information from the questionable.

Spotlight on Vitamin E

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What do we really know about vitamin E’s effects in the body? Vitamin E is the collective name for a group of fat-soluble compounds that exists in different forms, each different from the other depending on their source. Vitamin E has many benefits essential for healthy living. Yet, its antioxidant function is the dominant benefit.

Natural Remedies for Winter Ailments

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When you or your family are hit with the almost inevitable colds and flu, you don’t need to reach for that paracetamol straight away. Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet holds a host of different options to remedy your seasonal complaints. Herbs, spices, homeopathics and good nutrition are your first line of defence.

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Spotlight on Devil’s Claw 

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The herb devil’s claw is a perennial plant, native to southern Africa particularly the Kalahari Desert, Namibia and Madagascar. The name devil’s claw comes from the hooks that cover its fruits and the root is collected when the rainy season ends. The traditional use of devil’s claw by tribes in Africa involved the root being chopped and dried in the sun for three days to make medicinal preparations.

What Does Progesterone Do?

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Progesterone helps prevent osteoporosis in a manner that complements oestrogen/ testosterone. While oestrogen prevents bone breakdown, progesterone actually promotes bone rebuilding by stimulating the osteoblasts (the cells that create the bone fabric itself). Progesterone is the only known natural biological chemical that stimulates the osteoblast activity in both men and women.

The importance of Minerals and Trace Elements

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The role of nutritional supplements in the treatment of disease has been underrated by conventional medical training. This is surprising considering the fact that health is dependent on the supply of nutrition to all the cells of the body. Magnesium, for example, plays a role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body and zinc is required in over 200 enzyme processes.

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