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Natural Remedies

Natural Remedy Spirulina

We help you navigate the confusing world of herbs, vitamins and supplements. Remedies include healing modalities such as homeopathy, Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine to address a wide-range of health concerns.

Unlocking the Power of Enzymes

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Enzymes are ubiquitous in nature over 5 000 have been discovered and they make life possible. Without them biochemical processes would come to a halt, with a pile-up of toxins and other chemicals in the body. Through their action the chemical processes in the body move very rapidly and efficiently. Energy is produced, toxins removed, digestion occurs efficiently, wounds heal, blood is prevented from clotting and thousands of other reactions occur within and outside the cells.

Fertile with CoQ10

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Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant necessary for the basic functioning of cells. CoQ10 levels are known to decrease with age. It is known that CoQ10 supplementation can play a beneficial role in male fertility, based on its positive effects on improving sperm parameters.

The Superfood Aloe Vera

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If you want to be beautiful all the days of your life, if you want to be flexible and limber all the days of your life, if you want to have an immune system and nervous system that work well for all the days of your life, Aloe vera is the superfood for you.

Spotlight on Spirulina

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Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae (microscopic, spiral-shaped, cyanobacteria) that thrives in both fresh and saltwater environments. Spirulina is considered a superfood due to its dense nutritional profile and the dark green powder is easily absorbed and delicious when added to orange juice. Also see the smoothie recipe below.

Spotlight on Taurine

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Taurine (a key ingredient in Red Bull) is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is naturally produced in the human body and found in certain foods such as meat, fish and dairy products. It has been marketed as a supplement for a variety of health benefits, including improving athletic performance as it may improve endurance and reduce muscle damage and fatigue, especially in older adults.

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Tea for two or tea for you?

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Through the years I have found certain herbs to be remarkable in their ability to give effective, quick, and often astonishing, relief of many a common ailment. Making an infusion of the fresh, organically grown plant, and sipping it quietly and slowly often does more to ease the condition than a lot of serious medications, and I have proved this over and over again.

Saffron for Emotional Health

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Delicious with seafood, rice, tomatoes and plays well with plenty of garlic, saffron hails from the traditional medicine found in Persian cultures. It has served mankind for millennia as both a culinary herb and powerful medicine. Saffron is known for its vibrant colour and flavour, and also for being the world’s most expensive spice.

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Traditional African Medicine

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The Cinderella of herbal cultures is at last making a splash at the party! While much traditional African herbal lore has been lost, we have some powerful and exciting remedies for a wide range of conditions, some of which are more popular overseas than they are locally. Dr Frank Müller lists his top ten.

Cannabis as Medicine

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I started researching cannabis oil in December 2014 when my fiancé was diagnosed with a very large malignant brain tumour. I needed to see if there is enough evidence for its medicinal use, especially in cancer patients. I interviewed researchers, doctors, users and growers, both locally and abroad, and asked them tough questions.

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Tips on Discerning Dietary Supplement Use

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Strolling down the supplement aisles at health stores and pharmacies to choose the best multivitamin can be confusing. With so many different brands and varieties to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin. Given the abundance and conflicting nature of information available about dietary supplements, you may need help to sort the reliable information from the questionable.

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