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Natural Therapies

There are so many practical ways to strengthen the body, clarify the mind and open the heart. Explore pursuits and practices that may assist you to achieve physical and emotional balance.

Footology ‒ a dream come true

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Our foot features represent our life story. Lines, wrinkles, calluses, discolourations, swellings and indents are imprints of our emotional world – of the paths we have wandered and the experiences gained along the road. The feet convey a fascinating and unique message for the footologist and the client to share.

Rolfing – structural integration

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Rolfing - structural integration, is organising and integrating the human body in gravity promotes wellbeing. Among the various systems of manipulation and somatic education, Rolfing is unique in its focus and goals in that it aims to align and organise the body in gravity.

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How to Take Care of your Liver – Naturally

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Liver therapy and liver cleansing is not just for patients with chronic liver disease. It is for the prevention of liver conditions and optimal health. When your liver (the primary detox organ) is healthy and functioning optimally, your body has more energy to carry out its various functions, nutrients become more readily available, and toxins are removed quickly and efficiently. These functions are compromised by sluggish liver function due to a bad diet, insulin toxicity, side effects of medication, overuse of alcohol and smoking.

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A Participatory Approach to Cancer Therapy

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Do the mind and the emotions influence the development of cancer? Can the mind be harnessed to help fight cancer? Dr Goldberg explores the impact of the psycho-spiritual on both the development and treatment of cancer. When cancer patients learn to take full responsibility for their own healing and to participate in their healing transformation, the outcome of their illness can be shifted significantly.

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Introducing Aromatherapy Essential Oils

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Essential oils can be extracted from many different parts of plants – for example flowers, fruit and rind, leaves and grasses, seeds and berries, bark and wood, roots and rhizomes, as well as gum and resin exudates. Each has its own unique aromatic, and chemical, profile that may determine its specific or general application.

Alternative Pain Therapies: are they realistic?

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Pain is a symptom, often a very strong symptom. It is a personal experience, and is influenced by all that we have learned and experienced, culturally and in our upbringing. While pharmaceutical drugs are powerful and can provide rapid pain relief, they often have side-effects when used in the long term. Dr David Nye describes some alternative therapies.

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Bach Flower Essences and Tissue Salts relate to Astrology

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The ‘Treasury of the Invisible’ in the quotation refers to the ‘Divine Order’ where the archetypes of all manifestation are to be found. It also refers to the vertical causes in contrast to the horizontal causes with which the ordinary physician is concerned. As we know, natural medicine, just like astrology, is concerned with the vertical causes – ‘the inter relation between the domains of the spirit, the soul and the body’.

Essential Oils in Health & Healing

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Although essential oil use has a very long history, it is only recently that it has emerged as a highly effective therapeutic tool – not only having an effect on the body, but also influencing the emotions and the mind. What are the areas in which these oils can be used, and who should one consult for advice and guidance?

Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage has been tried and tested over thousands of years in the laboratory of life. In earlier times it was sought after by maharajas and shahs, gurus and saints. Today it is as popular as it was then. It is part of everyday life in India, and it is precisely through its lack of pretension that it weaves its magic. The editorial team approached three different practitioners for an overall perspective of this treatment.

An Introduction to Tibb – a system of medicine with a rich history

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Tried and tested, with a harmonious blend of science and personal caring, Tibb’s holistic approach to healthcare focuses on education and stresses the importance of empowering individuals to take responsibility for their health and well-being.

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Kinesiology – the science of motion

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We are physiologically designed to maintain a state of balance, but daily stressors challenge this state constantly. It is often believed that medical intervention is the best approach to heal physical, emotional or mental illness, but this can be very disempowering. Specialised kinesiology gives us the tools to revisit the past and bring both body and mind back into balance.

Oil Pulling – a health-enhancing practice

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Oil pulling is a simple and relatively inexpensive treatment that effectively combats yucky bacteria lurking in the mouth and simultaneously strengthens gums and whitens teeth. It is reputed to resolve a wide array of health imbalances and ailments – without side effects. Dr Bruce Fife describes how, for example, the therapy is used to address nasal sinus problems. According to Fife, ‘all disease starts in the mouth’, since mouths reflect the status of internal health. He postulates that oil pulling could therefore be the solution for a wide range of conditions.

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Energy Psychology for Depression

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I was one of those people who didn’t really think that the dark cloud that had always hung over my life and constant thoughts of suicide was depression. Even after a suicide attempt, I never realised I was depressed. The sad truth for many people is that if depression has always been a part of your mental state, it feels normal!

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