COMRA device
    COMRA deviceCOMRA device

    Low-level laser combined with a magnetic field, low-level ultrasound and colour light are four non-invasive therapeutic radiances that can treat a wide range of conditions and bring about overall balance to the body.


    Dr Arzhan Surazakov PhD, Director of Research and Development at Radiant Life Technologies says, ‘Providing cells with extra energy, mechanical vibration and regenerative messaging allows for a natural resolution of the disease.’

    Acutely damaged or chronically stressed cells still possess an inherent intelligence of how to regenerate themselves. But the healing process can be dramatically hindered by cellular energy deficit, sluggish processes of synthesis and degradation of cellular building blocks, as well as lack of proper communication between the cell and the environment. The four radiances discussed here aid the diseased cells by supporting three essential aspects of healing: ATP synthesis (ATP is the most commonly used ‘energy currency’ in cells); the acceleration of enzymatic activity (the transport of material to and from the enzyme ‘workers’); and neurochemical messaging. When these natural therapies are applied together in a coherent way, a new healing synergy emerges with no negative side effects. This holistic approach is the cornerstone of coMra therapy. CoMra stands for coherence achieved through Modulation of different radiances.

    Near-infrared laser and magnetic field

    Near infrared laser is the central component of coMra therapy, as it offers an energetic stimulus for the entire healing process. Laser light directly stimulates ATP synthesis (cell ‘fuel’) in damaged tissue, thus rescuing hypoxic cells or cells with damaged mitochondria (ATP ‘factory’).

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    The magnetic field supports and enhances the action of the laser allowing the energetic stimulus to penetrate as deep as up to 7 to 12 cm in the body. Their combined action has the added benefit of doing away with the use of higher doses in monotherapies, for example therapies with only laser or only magnetic fields.

    Phototherapy – colour light for healing

    The potential of colour light for healing is evident in our very own reactions to different colours – red may excite, while indigo calms. As Dr Surazakov explains, ‘Closely following our emotional state are changes in autonomic nervous system activity that directs physiological responses, such as: heart rate, digestion, breathing, hormone release and muscle tone. Therefore one can match colours to certain physiological responses and then use this knowledge for healing purposes.’

    Our skin is our largest organ, and it has an important role to play in neuroendocrine and immune function. Light from colour Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is mostly absorbed by the skin, initiating both topical and systemic (throughout the body) responses to disease. This takes place through chemical messaging and neural pathways.


    At 40 kHz ultrasound, a sound pressure wave, can easily travel through tissue causing microscopic vibration. This is a very gentle stimulation of metabolism in each cell, whereby the transport of molecules is increased – this speeds up processes of protein synthesis and degradation necessary for the repair of damaged tissues. The absorption of ultrasound energy into tissue creates a slight warming which also aids the healing process.


    The combined application of the four radiances is a veritable breakthrough in non-invasive therapy. CoMra therapy has no side effects as all four radiances are used at much lower intensities and lower recommended dosages (times of application) than with monotherapies. CoMra therapy works well for a broad range of ailments.

    The most rapid response to restoration of energetic status in tissue is pain relief in conditions such as: osteoarthritic pain, neck pain, lower back pain, neck pain, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia (a chronic pain condition that affects the fifth cranial nerve), postherpetic neuralgia (a painful complication of shingles) and many others.

    Normalisation of autonomic nervous system activity with colour LEDs and energy metabolism in the brain with laser and magnetic field leads to a sense of well-being, expressed in improved sleep, mood, memory and learning problems, as well as emotional and mental disorders.

    With continuing treatments cells accumulate enough energy to start rebuilding local microcirculation and to sustain regenerative processes in all kinds of tissue in conditions such as: diabetic ulcers, burn wounds, tendinitis, diabetic retinopathy, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, non-healing bone fractures and so on. Ultrasound greatly speeds up all processes of tissue regeneration.

    The improved functional status of peripheral tissue and organs is also sensed by the central nervous system. At this stage the healing process starts to involve systemic responses mediated by hormones and activity of the immune system. The body intelligently uses the newly available energy. In cases of chronic infections coMra therapy treatments support fast activation of suppressed immunity until the infection is resolved. In cases of autoimmune condition the treatments promote reduction (normalisation) of immune responses.


    These four radiances are each of great importance in addressing disease at a cellular level. Yet it is in their combined application that they have a synergetic effect, whereby they create a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate parts: with coMra therapy nature and science come together to offer us safe and natural healing.

    I used the coMra device successfully on my dog. See the video here: CoMra therapy comes to my dog's rescue.


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