On Wellness and Wellbeing

The Editor interviews inspirational speaker and writer Dr John Demartini.

DALEEN: I watched a couple of your YouTube videos again last night and just want to thank you for your contribution to humanity. Your work is truly inspiring and much needed, and we value you! I have so many questions for you and it was difficult to select only these few for now.

In a previous interview with me, you said that you don’t take any stimulants – no drugs or alcohol. What is your reason for that?

DR DEMARTINI: I prefer not to consume anything that perturbs or adds volatility to my physiology or that I consider less than wholesome and quality food. I drink water, some vegetable juices, and on rare occasions a cup of jasmine, cranberry or raspberry herbal tea. I use no social stimulants, take no drugs and drink no alcohol. I have lived that way now for 41 years. I once consumed one glass of red wine while attending a celebrity dinner at the Ritz Hotel in Paris during one of my speaking tours. My wife asked me to have it with her to celebrate this special occasion, and such a romantic dinner and evening. The next day my speech was missing a few cylinders, so I asked her to please not ask me to do so again. She never did. I require no stimulants to be fully energised, and I have found many people’s addictive behaviours simply to be compensations for unfulfilled highest values. I am inspired by what I am, and love what I am blessed to do and what I have been graced to have. I have little time for monopole distractions. I consider pairs of opposites to be synchronously inseparable except in the unawakened mind.

DALEEN: Would you take prescription medications such as antibiotics? And if not, why not?

DR DEMARTINI: If I was in a life-threatening, critical situation, I might utilise such medical approaches. But in 41 years I have only needed an antibiotic once – a topical cream when I sliced off my entire outer ear in a surfing accident. I have not used any form of aspirin, antihistamine, laxative or analgesic during this same time. I prefer not to put unnecessary medicinal items into, or even onto, my body unless it is absolutely necessary. I believe that in most circumstances the power that made the body can heal the body. I prefer to be patient with nature’s way. I believe that the greatest pharmaceutical company in the world is within the human brain, gut, mind and body. If we live wisely, in most circumstances our bodies will do the job of maintaining wellness.

DALEEN: You travel a lot, and with your full programme of research, travel, writing and teaching I don’t think you can have much time for sleep. Do you follow a supplement programme and a particular diet? How do you maintain your energy levels?

DR DEMARTINI: I prefer to fulfill my mission, or what is most meaningful to me, both day and night rather than indulging in excess sleep. So I probably sleep less than most people do. If you are grateful each day, and you are inspired by a great global purpose, sleeping is not generally your primary aim. For many years I slept for just four hours a night so that I could maximise my research, writing and teaching. Sometimes my eyes become dry because of my intensive flying schedule, so I periodically meditate with my eyes closed to moisten them while integrating and consolidating my continued and inspired learning. I do enhance my diet by taking natural vitamin C and a comprehensive, whole-food-derived multinutrient supplement, since research shows that nutrients are lacking in most of the foods we consume today. Every day I eat yoghurt to maintain my microbiome, multigrain breads to ensure adequate fiber, and fresh fruits, and fresh or steamed vegetables. I prefer raw (sushi) or steamed fish, and eat some poultry. I have probably eaten less than 200 grams of beef in 41 years. I find beef too heavy – I prefer lighter meals. I eat to live, not live to eat. I drink a lot of water.

DALEEN: Is there a spiritual reason for each illness? For example, do diabetes sufferers share a common karma or life lesson?

DR DEMARTINI: Each physiological sign identified by more fully aware specialists, and each symptom you identify yourself, offers a meaningful feedback loop to assist you in living your most inspired and authentic life. Your neuroplastic brain and remaining bioplastic body is doing whatever it can to continuously assist you in being true to your mission and balancing out your misperceptions or emotionally irrational actions. Decoding the psychological and physiological messages and understanding the meaning of each sign and symptom has been a quest of mine since I was 18 years of age. I have written an extensive text- book on this topic and have a five-day course that I teach to wellness professionals from around the world. No true wellness can emerge in the world of separation and causality. As long as we are living in the illusions of the separations of polarities, illness will be our constant companion to assist us in transcending those illusions. No therapy or treatment is ever complete until cause equals effect in space/time. Ultimately, as I teach in my signature seminar programme The Breakthrough Experience, there is nothing missing in our lives. At the level of our elusive mind/body there appear to be aspects of our lives missing, but we have simply not yet realised and acknowledged the forms in which our highest values have created what we are looking for. At the level of our innermost and integrated being (soul) there is nothing missing. In The Breakthrough Experience I show people how to awaken to the realisation of the fullness, and I have been blessed to experience and witness many physiological transformations. This more complete awareness transforms illness (incompleteness or ‘missingness’) into wellness (wholeness). Diabetics, or those with high blood sugar, commonly display their exaggerated personas and repress their minimised ones. Individuals with low blood sugar (passive, over-supported individuals) play out the complementary opposite roles. It is difficult to tell a diabetic what to do, but a hypoglycaemic will do what you suggest. There are amazing correlations between mental/emotional states and certain conditions. I have correlated nearly 1 000 conditions and their emotional associations over the past four decades. At a more subtle level, these emotional distortions give rise to many physical illnesses.

DALEEN: Do you agree with the teachings of Louise Hay, for example, that a sore throat means ‘What are you not expressing?’ and a bladder infection means ‘Who are you pissed off with?’

DR DEMARTINI: Yes! In general your mind/body is speaking to you. Decoding your body’s message is wise. Louise Hay has a list of correlations, but the possibilities are by no means limited to these few, so it is wise to probe into the reasons for, and meanings of, your body’s condition. Your body is speaking out and guiding you to be your most authentic self. As I stated previously, I have written a comprehensive textbook on nearly 1000 conditions and their emotional correlates. Over the past four decades I have seen how many patterns of behaviour and illnesses are linked. The two you have mentioned are simple, but not restrictive, possible examples.

DALEEN: Thank you fort your time and sharing your thoughts with our readers. I look forward to the next interview.


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On Wellness and Wellbeing

Dr John Demartini
About The Author
- He is a leading inspirational speaker, authority on human behavior, teacher and author. His knowledge and experience are a culmination of 35 years of research and study of more than 28 000 texts in over 200 disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and theology to neurology and physiology.