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    Pioneers in Medicine

    Pioneers in medicine

    Discover the brightest minds and biggest hearts in health and healing, past and present. We highlight the inspiring work of pioneers in the health industry.

    Dr Albert Szent-Györgi

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    Dr Albert Szent-Györgi - a true pioneer, Nobel Prize winner and the first to isolate vitamin C. Albert Szent-Györgyi’s discovery of the chemical ascorbic acid, more commonly known as vitamin C, made an essential contribution to the foundation of modern nutrition and was amongst many of his important discoveries in the medical field.

    Imhotep – ‘one who comes in peace’

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    The true father of modern medicine? Apart from Hesy-Ra and Merit-Ptah, Imhotep was one of the first known physicians in early history. Historians call him the world’s original genius. He was also a priest, astronomer and the architect of the Step Pyramid of pharaoh Djoser of the 3rd Dynasty.

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