Post-Sun Skin Savers
    Post-Sun Skin SaversPost-Sun Skin Savers

    Summer has arrived in its full glory, but long, sunny summer days and outdoor activities can leave your skin dry, scarred, spotted and pigmented. Try these natural tips to prevent and soothe sun-damaged skin.

    The beating sun can dry your skin, not to mention cause you to sweat more, so staying hydrated is very important. Drink lots of filtered water daily to keep your body and skin hydrated, to flush toxins from the body and promote a more elastic skin. Regular exercise and massage are also great ways to help circulate blood, thereby moving nutrients and oxygen to the skin for healthy renewal.


    Natural skincare formulas rich in vitamin A, argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter, full-spectrum vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid intensely condition skin, helping to increase elasticity and resilience. Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds moisture to skin, promoting a softer, smoother, more supple appearance.

    Full-spectrum vitamin E gives you unparallelled skin-nourishing benefits that promote self-healing. According to plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes, ‘The most important thing to remember is that vitamin A (either in supplements or topically) is irreplaceable for the skin. There is simply no alternative for healthy skin at a cellular level.’

    Post-Sun Skin Savers


    A day at the pool can be harsh on your skin. Chlorine can dry out skin, hair and nails. So be sure to rinse off after a dip in the pool and apply a moisturiser that contains aloe to replenish dry skin as well as to relieve any potential sunburn.


    Warmer temperatures mean increased UV exposure, so it’s no surprise when brown spots, discoloration, and uneven skin tone begin cropping up. On the bright side (pun intended), you don’t need to rely on expensive laser treatments, harmful bleaches, or hydroquinone to get results.

    Look for a complete skincare regimen, including a cleanser, toner, and day and night moisturisers that are rich in skin-brightening and skin-lightening vitamins and botanicals such as vitamin C, vitamin B3, bearberry, and liquorice. Not only is vitamin C an excellent anti-ageing antioxidant, but it has also been shown to protect against UV-induced damage, inhibit the formation of melanin, and reduce the look of facial spots. In addition, vitamin B3 has been shown to significantly reduce age spots around the eyes and cheeks.

    The antioxidant herbs, bearberry and liquorice, have a little-known secret: their hypo-pigmenting component to treat freckles or age spots. Used alone, bearberry can dramatically change the tone and colour of the skin, while liquorice helps inhibit UVB pigmentation and inflammation. But cosmetic companies prefer a milder approach by combining these herbs with other ingredients to lighten problem areas without over-bleaching. Used regularly, products containing bearberry and liquorice can remove the most stubborn pigmented areas of the skin.

    With the regular use of a natural skin-brightening regimen, gentle skin scrubs, and a weekly light body brush, skin tone will become more radiant, pigmentation will be even, and age spots will visibly diminish, leaving you with a healthy, radiant glow.

    Post-Sun Skin Savers


    So what if you ‘accidentally’ achieved the lobster look? Not all skins can withstand a few hours without sunscreen. Some of us peel, but others burn and turn into a blood-red race! Ouch. Don’t forget the soothing effect of a good spring water spray. I love the Avène spray because it reduces inflammation and itching, thus making it easier to wear clothing on sunburnt skin. Another favourite is the soothing effect of aloe gel and the healing properties of colloidal silver gel.

    These are only a few solutions, but keep in mind prevention is the best way to ensure a healthy, happy, beautiful skin. I have written a short article on how to: Prevent Skin Cancer from the Inside Out

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