Praise for Pure Fats and Oils

Thank you for a great and informative mag. Your article on ‘fats and oils’ in the April 2017 issue was excellent! This is the first time that I read that seed oils are actually ‘trash’.

I have been using hemp seed oil as it is claimed to have many health benefits (Google it!). Since your article, I have stopped using it. Should I regard hemp seed oil also as ‘trash’? E.V.R.

SALLY-ANN CREED (article author) REPLIES:

Yes, my personal opinion and that of all purists who understand the difference between all the seed and other oils, is yes, it is not good for the body. The problem is: You see, that it completely throws out our ‘balance’ of omega-3 to omega-6 oils which is incredibly serious. An imbalance leads to inflammation, possible tumour growth, and dozens of other problems. So yes, ALL seed oils, no matter where they are from, I feel are detrimental to the human body.

I know that nobody has all the facts! If anyone thinks they do, watch out. But there is much evidence to back the science of the dangers of seed oils.


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Praise for Pure Fats and Oils

Sally-Ann Creed
About The Author
- DIP CLIN NUTR, FUNCTIONAL MED, FUNCTIONAL NUTR, NUTR SUPPL. She is a qualified clinical nutritionist and a functional medicine practitioner. She has helped thousands of people worldwide. She has written 10 books, including South Africa's biggest bestseller in history (co-authored with Tim Noakes), The Real Meal Revolution. She won South Africa's Most Influential Women in Business & Government award in 2009 and 2010. She is married with two Dobermanns.