Q.: Can you recommend a good probiotic with a prebiotic? Andy


Studying the various strains of probiotics would involve a lot of work. Sometimes finding the right supplement is simply a matter of experimentation: try using one product for a month or two, and then try another, and then another. Products vary in size and recommended number of capsules, and they should be taken before or during meals – see which regimen works best for you. Most of all, decide which product makes you feel best, and ideally helps resolve any nagging health issues. You can also consult a health care professional, such as a certified nutritionist or naturopathic physician, who should be able to recommend specific products and test you for compatibility using kinesiology or electrodermal screening. Your practitioner may offer a private label product line of probiotics, which should be comparable in price to the quality retail products that are available at your health shop.

Finding the probiotic product that works best for you can be enormously rewarding. Cultivating intestinal health through proper bacterial ecology is essential for proper absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste. This will go a long way towards preventing practically any disease you can name, from traveller’s diarrhoea to cancer. It is, in fact, the biological foundation of health.


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