True prosperity is the inevitable reward for a willingness to walk the path of service with Love, to open our hearts to the magnificence of our Universe.

There is no such thing as something for nothing. We get what we give. We may take from others in our ignorance, not realising that we are only depleting our own storehouse. Money, like blood, must circulate to remain alive, to retain its vital spark. Generosity for the wise reason is always rewarded in mysterious ways through Universal Law. The shape of coins will change with the realm; but like energy, the abundance they represent can neither be created nor destroyed. Their essence possesses intrinsic beauty and purity, like fine gold or brilliant gems. So too is the essence of our deeds. Definiteness of purpose with wise action will help focus this energy of abundance. A magnifying glass intensifies mild sunlight to blazing heat. Focus is the key.

The message is very simple and very clear: If we don’t balance our books, the Universe will do it for us. For example, if an employer lessens the worth of employees, the entire business is cheapened, for good employees are valuable assets. Both employer and employee must understand that our Universe does not permit something for nothing.

In truth, there is no separation between self and other, or self and Universe. A single drop of seawater possesses all the content and quality of the ocean, without needing to be the ocean. The trick to getting along with other people is to let them be who they are, instead of trying to change them to whom we are. When we give of ourselves and see ourselves as universal, we acknowledge a universal expression through Divinity. Every gift of Love moves from the finite to the infinite, like water rising from the sea to the clouds, and back again to the finite in drops of rain.

The number ‘0’ represents the way of all cycles in the Universe, and the balancing of all books. Everything we send out will return in its own cycle if we are patient. Remember that we cannot force rain from the clouds; when the clouds are ready, the prosperous rains will come.

Prosperity does not always arise from counting arbitrary units of wealth in time and space. True prosperity is the inevitable reward for a willingness to walk the path of service with Love, to open our hearts to the magnificence of our Universe. Prosperity is the fulfillment of void and inner peace of mind. There is nothing gained, nothing is lost in the perfect balance of our universe. Love is all there is. This is the true gift of God. When we permit ourselves to Love, we walk in courage. When we live by the virtues of Life, we have prosperity.

Source Demartini JF. The Wisdom of the Oracle. 1st Books LibraryTM; 2001.

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