Root & Fruit
    Root & Fruit

    Pain has the lesson of pleasure at its core, and pleasure also speaks intimately of pain. One cannot exist without the other, just as ‘hot’ cannot be without ‘cold.’

    All is relative on this earthly plane of illusion. How we interpret each lesson is defined by our thoughts and past experiences, much like computer software defines a servant machine’s response to its master’s keyboard input. Change the software and you change the response. A person who has not eaten for a day may feel starved, while another who has purposely fasted for three days may seek religious ecstasy. The body feels the same, but the mindset is different.

    Genuine Love is birthed from this experience of both sides. Evolution is halted if we deny either side its moments in our lives, and emotional growth, maturity and wisdom blossom forth when we embrace all lessons with equal anticipation. This is the gift of our Creator: experiences of pain and pleasure teach us Love.

    Chance favours the prepared mind. Temporary selective attention to either pain or pleasure, through the illusive senses, will also eventually teach its opposite side. We then obtain the great true worth of understanding both sides of Life. How else could the rich man understand poverty?


    Demartini JF. The Wisdom of the Oracle. 1st Books LibraryTM. 2001.

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