Anxiety in Children

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Discover how to address and alleviate anxiety in children through homeopathy. Learn about common childhood fears, developmental milestones, and effective homeopathic remedies that can help your child overcome anxiety and grow with confidence. Explore natural, non-addictive treatments tailored to individual needs.

Treating Anxiety and Mild Depression – the natural way

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Everyone feels a bit blue from time to time. Some of us often feel sad and depressed, however, and for little or no reason. It’s a good idea to consult with a professional if your depression is severe, but for mild depression and anxiety there’s a lot you can do to help yourself feel better. You don’t need to pop a pharmaceutical – here are some tips to help bring sunshine back into your life the natural way.

Energy Psychology for Depression

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I was one of those people who didn’t really think that the dark cloud that had always hung over my life and constant thoughts of suicide was depression. Even after a suicide attempt, I never realised I was depressed. The sad truth for many people is that if depression has always been a part of your mental state, it feels normal!

The A to Z of Nutrition can Calm our Anxiety

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The link between nutrition and our physical health is well established. Along with a host of nutritional deficiency diseases like rickets or beriberi, it’s common knowledge that, for example, excess salt can lead to hypertension. However, the link between nutrition and our mental wellbeing is not nearly as widely accepted or understood.

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