Introducing Aromatherapy Essential Oils

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Essential oils can be extracted from many different parts of plants – for example flowers, fruit and rind, leaves and grasses, seeds and berries, bark and wood, roots and rhizomes, as well as gum and resin exudates. Each has its own unique aromatic, and chemical, profile that may determine its specific or general application.

Essential Oils in Health & Healing

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Although essential oil use has a very long history, it is only recently that it has emerged as a highly effective therapeutic tool – not only having an effect on the body, but also influencing the emotions and the mind. What are the areas in which these oils can be used, and who should one consult for advice and guidance?

From Here to Maternity – an introduction to aromatic pregnancy

2022-09-20T20:19:51+00:00By |Pregnancy and Child Birth|

Since my field of special interest is aromatic medicine, and I’ve assisted many patients in using essential oils appropriately during their pregnancy, I have a particular love for the use of natural aromatics in maternity care – before, during and after birth – preferably in the form of organic essential oils. An aromatherapeutic pregnancy and birth is an adventure of great delight in which as many women as possible should luxuriate.

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