Where’s My Waist?

2024-04-10T10:10:19+00:00By |Fitness Focus|

Most people believe that doing hundreds of sit-ups or abdominal crunches will automatically reduce your waistline and give you a rock-solid six-pack. Wrong! The reality is that you’ll also need to reduce the layer of body fat covering your midsection in order to see those toned abdominals.

8 Belly-Busting Strategies

2024-04-10T10:12:31+00:00By |Fitness Focus|

We all hate our belly fat, mostly because it is unsightly; however, scientists also have a special interest in belly fat because it is so different from the other parts of our bodies. The major problem with belly fat is that it is actually its own endocrine organ. It can produce hormones and inflammatory molecules, and it has enzymes that turn testosterone into oestrogen.

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