Maintaining Digestive Health

2024-05-25T10:58:23+00:00By |Natural Nutrition|

To a large extent our digestive system dictate our quality of life. It can be as simple as that, given that we literally become what we eat, digest and assimilate. If the process goes wrong anywhere from intake to elimination, particularly if a chronic condition develops, normal everyday life is affected significantly. 

Death Begins in the Colon

2024-05-24T13:03:35+00:00By |Improving Health|

I believe that the source of inflammation in chronic diseases lies in the gut. The now famous quote ‘Death begins in the colon’ originated with the Russian Nobel Prize- winning biologist Elie Metchnikoff (1845 - 1916), who postulated that the toxic by-products of the bowel bacteria are responsible for many diseases.

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