Fodmaps & Gaps in the Management of IBS

2024-04-10T09:34:36+00:00By |Improving Health|

While dietary changes may be the most difficult to make and implement, the benefit is that they may ultimately offer a long-term solution to a very difficult and debilitating condition. Neither GAPS nor low FODMAP are intended as life-long diets. Once healing has taken place and there has been a resolution in symptoms, the hope is to move onto a less restrictive and nutrient-dense diet. If implemented correctly, they certainly won’t cause any harm and may offer a sustainable solution in a difficult economic climate.

Irritable Bowel or Gut Imbalance?

2022-10-19T21:35:40+00:00By |Improving Health|

Because irritable bowel syndrome has such a wide range of symptoms, the diagnosis has become something of a ‘catch-all’. Before you start any medication regimen it’s therefore essential to rule out other conditions that may be causing your digestive problems.

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