The Sunfood Diet
    The Sunfood DietThe Sunfood Diet

    As the sun is necessary for all life forms it makes perfect sense that a diet based on raw food plants warmed and grown beneath its benevolent rays will fill you with energy, cleanse your body and clear your mind.

    True progress in the field of nutrition has been made in this world. Solutions have been found. The confusion of nutrition is the most perplexing challenge humankind has yet faced. The Sunfood Diet brings us closer to solving the confusion of nutrition by simplifying our dietary essentials and presenting a balanced nutrition programme consisting of raw food plants, allowing any single person to achieve an extraordinary level of health.


    What we eat deeply and radically affects the way we think, feel and behave. Food affects every aspect of our being. Food is the foundation of our physical body. If the foundation is stable, all that is built upon it will be stable. Everything you physically are was once the air you breathed, the water you drank and the food you ate. The colloidal mineral structure of your body is built out of the foods you have eaten. If there is an alteration in the food, then it is reflected in the look and function of the body. Improve your food choices and you dramatically improve the foundation upon which your body is built.


    ‘Why all this cooking, when there is really no cook like old sol? Cooked food is dead foods – and remember, the whiter the bread the sooner we are dead. Every attempt to improve on natural food must prove a failure, and nature will react at first acutely to any interference with her beneficent laws of health. And if we continue to disobey her laws by drugs or even surgery, the symptoms may disappear for a while only to reappear in chronic or fatal diseases… man is the only creature that cooks his food, and he is more subject to disease that any wild creature that dines on unfired food. Tradition, gluttony, and increasing desire for strong stimulants have cased men to prefer cooked food, which has seriously weakened his digestive organs. This is because cooked food can be swallowed so easily without chewing, whereas thorough mastication is essential to good health.’  Dugal Semple, The Sunfood Way to Health


    The Sunfood Diet is really The Raw-Food Diet. I use the term ‘Sunfood’ because it implies raw-plant food grown under the vivifying influence of direct Sunlight in a wild, natural state. ‘Sunfood’ has a refreshing, majestic quality to it. ‘Raw food’ is ambiguous — ‘raw food’ could mean anything raw.

    The Sunfood Diet is a diet of abundance and can easily be achieved with a raw plant-food diet.

    Of all the raw plant foods on Earth, The Sunfood Diet requires that 80% of your food choices contain a balance of green-leafed vegetables, sweet fruits and fatty plant foods: The other 20% can contain any of the 14 kinds of raw plant foods mentioned on the next page, or other foods that you feel are appropriate for you. This diet is not about denial, it is about success and achievement. The idea behind The Sunfood Diet is to eat at least 80% raw plant foods, and then move forward in your life from there.


    Every so often in history an idea comes along that revolutionises everything that follows it. The discovery of raw-food nutrition is one of those ideas. The implications of raw nutrition on humankind are immense.

    We do not just need information to achieve success, we need transformation. The Sunfood Diet rebuilds you at the most fundamental levels and transforms you in a most profound way.


    A diet of raw plant food, puts you in touch with a new vital power. In the source of every vital power lies an endless abundance. A diet of raw plant food presents a whole new paradigm of health, wealth, success and possibility. Since The Sunfood Diet is in alignment with a natural way of life, it brings with it beauty, happiness, long life and prosperity.

    Purity and power

    We know that the more perfectly clean your body, the more perfectly it will radiate your super natural powers. The first things to evaporate in a toxic environment are the super-natural abilities provided to us at birth. These powers are possessed by wild animals, and formerly by humanity. As soon as the body begins to be poisoned, the powers slip away. However, your natural superior abilities have not been totally destroyed by improper food, they are only dormant and are capable of rebirth, regeneration and resurrection.

    Raw nutrition attunes you to the forces that surround us, permeate through our bodies and that make up the essence of our existence. When you eat raw plant foods, your instincts become stronger. Your intuition becomes more reliable — clearer — and decision-making becomes effortless. In my own experience, I go with my intuition every time; I have learned the only thing we have which is not an illusion is our intuition.

    The digestion of cooked food takes more energy from the body than any other activity. You could run a marathon and still be walking and talking. However, an hour after a Thanksgiving dinner, guess what?… you are asleep!


    The strongest factor about The Sunfood Diet is that it compels you to live naturally and in harmony with the Earth.

    If we pollute the planet with food packaging after we eat, then we truly are not living in harmony with the Earth. Eating raw fruits, vegetables and other plant foods is the solution to world pollution. Landfills are filled with products directly or indirectly related to cooked and processed foods, such as: packaging, wrappers, bags, old stoves, microwaves, etc. One of the most startling revelations I experienced on this diet-path was that I stopped producing trash!

    1. Fruits
      Fruits are raw plant foods that contain the seed within themselves for the reproduction of their kind. Fruits may be sweet, non-sweet or fat-dominant.
    2. Leaves
      Leaves contain life-giving chlorophyll pigments, and are the best source of alkaline minerals. Many herbs are green leaves.
    3. Nuts
      Nuts are the reproductive agents of certain trees. They are fat-dominant foods.
    4. Seeds
      Seeds are the reproductive agents of plants. Depending on the type, they may be protein-dominant or fat-dominant. Grains are seeds.
    5. Legumes
      Legumes include all peas, beans and peanuts, and are often sprouted before consumption. They are protein-dominant with the exception of peanuts which are fat-dominant.
    6. Flowers
      Flowers are the sexual organs of plants.
    7. Green sprouts
      Green sprouts appear when sprouted seeds, or legumes, reach a certain point of growth and shoot forth green leaves.
    8. Roots
      Roots are the below-ground portion of plants.
    9. Shoots
      Shoots are young plants spread by underground runners from their parent plants.
    10. Bark
      The outer, protective layer of trees. Inner barks are occasionally used as food or for teas.
    11. Sap
      The life fluid of a tree. Maple syrup comes from maple water, the sap of the maple tree. Bee propolis is made from tree sap.
    12. Stems
      Stems are the fibrous, structural pieces of plants.
    13. Water vegetation
      Sea vegetables are sea plant leaves containing bountiful minerals drawn in from the ocean, and up from the ocean floor. Spirulina and algae of all types are included in this category.
    14. Mushrooms
      A non-chlorophyll fungus that grows primarily in darkness, and is not directly nourished by the vibrant Sun energy, yet plays a critical role in recycling biological materials in old trees and the soil. Mushroom extracts can be an outstanding source of medicine (e.g. reishi, cordyceps, maitake, etc.)


    By following this diet, you may one day find yourself in your garden or home planting seeds and growing plants. The home of the Sunfoodist is often surrounded with radiant plant life. Eating raw foods truly reconnects you to the fabric of life.


    Wolfe D. The Sunfood Diet Success System. North Atlantic Books. US.

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