Think Before You Say: ‘Pass the salt please’

Many people add salt to their meals, even before tasting it. As a result, the country’s already heavy health burden is worsening, with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease sharply on the increase according to reports.


1. Good quality natural sea salt and Himalayan salt contain many essential minerals that are good for the body.

2. Medical and scientific studies condemning table salt have only examined refined salt, a biologically damaging, completely unnatural, chemical substance.

3. In the industrial refining process, as many as 82 trace minerals and essential macronutrients are forcibly removed, leaving only a single compound made of sodium and chloride.

Salt is so essential to the body that if it is flushed out of your system by drinking too much water, it may lead to fatal hyponatremia. Using salt in dental health dates back to ancient medical scripts – gargle and brush with salts to protect against infection and inflammation.

Refined table salt is pure sodium chloride and contains almost no trace elements. Natural, unrefined salt retains the wealth of minerals from the ocean and is eco-friendly.

Ocean brine contains the precious minerals our bodies require. Each cell of our body needs salt for optimum functioning and our blood has a salt content that almost exactly matches that of the ocean.

For a healthier option, replace table salt with a natural form of sea salt or Himalayan salt.

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