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Tissue Salts will literally change your way of thinking about health, and how you will cope in future with every mood, every anxiety, from the day-to-day little ailments- to the bigger, more frightening illnesses that relentlessly plague us and those near and dear to us.

The twenty-first century brings with it undreamt problems and situations. Current conditions tax our bodies, our minds — our very souls — as we strive to keep pace with technology and the demands of life today. As a result, we are often in a state of such anxiety that it seems we’ll never emerge to cope with future obstacles. What we don’t realise is that, due to intense stress, our bodies and minds have become depleted.

But, by selecting the specific mineral salts our body needs, and correcting our diet to include the fruits, vegetables and herbs that are predominantly rich in these particular minerals, we can attain vibrant health, and an alert and positive mindset. And, best of all, we can cope with all that life has to offer while fighting illness and debilitation.

I first learnt about biochemic tissue salts well over 30 years ago when, expecting my second baby, I was suffering from morning sickness. I have my long-time special friend, Doreen Mankowitz, to thank for not only giving me so many inspiring books to read and for stimulating my mind so constantly, but also for introducing me to tissue salts through a book written by Dr. Carey and Dr. Perry, The Salts of Salvation. Doreen generously gave me all 12 of the tissue salts and watched while I took Kali. Mur., which immediately settled my morning sickness and Nat. Mur., which quickly cleared my hay fever. I have never looked back and, while I waded through the prolific 1932 edition of the publication (originally written in 1906), I developed a total fascination that has never left me.

According to the two doctor-authors, there is no human condition that cannot be helped by the specific tissue salt for that ailment. And, through the years since then, I have proved this fact over and over again — not only for humans but also for animals, birds and even plants — with each incidence showing an immediate and often profound response. I wondered how I ever lived without them.


Tissue salts — also called cell salts or biochemic salts — are minerals, the same minerals that are found in the earth’s rocks and soil. These minerals should be present in our bodies in a perfect balance, which is the prerequisite for complete health and well-being.

Dr. Schuessler (1828 – 1898), an eminent 19th century German physician, discovered upon analysis, that when the human cell is reduced to ashes, it exhibits 12 minerals. He named this system biochemistry (the chemistry of life) from the Greek word bios meaning ‘the course of life’ and chemistry which means the knowledge of the elements and the laws governing their combination and behaviour.

The tissue salts are present in our food, or should be, when grown organically in mineral-rich soils. But, in modern-day agricultural practices, soils are leached of their life-sustaining minerals and boosted instead with chemical fertilisers and fumigants.

Dr. Schuessler regarded the inorganic mineral substances that constitute our planet Earth as the complete basis of the composition of our body’s bone and blood, organs and muscles. Ground down into minute particles, they could be easily absorbed by the human body.

Tissue salts can be bought from every pharmacy and health shop. Hand-ground in lactose over six attenuations, called ‘trituration’, the result is an easily absorbable pill that contains a minute amount of a specific mineral salt in a lactose base. For babies and diabetics, or for those who prefer a liquid form, six to 10 drops in a little water can be taken three to 10 times a day.


  • As a general rule the tablet form is most commonly taken, two tablets, two to four times a day.
  • For acute conditions take two tablets crushed in a little warm water every 10 to 30 minutes to one hour. Once the condition eases, place two tablets under the tongue and let them dissolve, repeat every two to three hours during the day. Then every four to six hours until the condition clears.
  • For chronic conditions take two tablets of a specific salt. Often there are two or three other salts needed for the condition, so take them a few minutes after each other, usually two at a time twice a day or even three times a day, held under the tongue to dissolve.


Tissue Salts are perfectly safe and you cannot overdose. Toxicity is just not possible — the concentration is microscopic, usually one part per million. For minor illnesses and ailments tissue salts are completely safe, but in any event always consult your doctor before starting a home treatment.


Below is a concise synopsis of the main action or use of the 12 tissue salts — the key words associated with each salt here is the information usually offered on the bottle label.

  1. Calc. Fluor. Elasticity of muscles and ligaments; flexibility, strength and toning of muscles; resilience of muscular and connective tissue and the walls of blood vessels, bones and tooth enamel; used in sport; eases overstretched muscles.
  2. Calc. Phos. A cell builder and excellent tonic; a growth developer and supporter critical for growing children; used for growing pains, teething and lack of strength; maintains body functions and aids recovery and recuperation; needed for healthy blood, connective tissue, teeth and bones; good after a long illness.
  3. Calc. Sulph. Nature’s cleanser and blood purifier; dissolves discharge and drains tissues; excellent for colds; heals and dears suppuration and infected grazes; eliminates old cells; works particularly on the liver, blood and bile; clears slow-healing wounds, acne, boils and abscesses.
  4. Ferrum Phos. A natural anti-inflammatory, oxygen transporter and anti-haemorrhagic; cools where it is hot and inflamed; calms overheated conditions; helps to form red blood corpuscles; strengthens blood vessels; excellent first-aid remedy.
  5. Kali. Mur. A superb tissue salt for children, especially for childhood diseases and liver function; an important decongestant for a stuffy nose; resolves the second stage of inflammation (exudation); a good glandular tonic; conditions the blood and lymphatic system; an excellent digestive; essential for blood, bone and nerve-tissue development.
  6. Kali. Phos. A great children’s ‘wellbeing tissue sale; a nerve nutrient and natural tranquilliser; restores a feeling of strength and wellbeing and gives emotional balance, especially when the child is upset at home, such as during divorce; eases the heart; eases pain and soothes brain tissue and intracellular fluid; lifts brain fog at exam time.
  7. Kali. Sulph. A cell oxygenator; clears away mucus or discharge and chesty, thick cough with thick yellow sputum; used for coughs, colds, sinus, eczema, dandruff and ear infections; a valuable children’s tissue salt.
  8. Mag. Phos. An antispasmodic natural pain reliever used for cramps, especially in the legs; a nerve and muscle relaxant, used for spasms, tension and bladder stones; an excellent nutrient for stress-related pains and tension such as stiff neck, sore shoulders and pains in the legs at night.
  9. Nat. Mur. The best tissue salt for anger, upset, depression and irritability; used for hay fever, itchy eyes and insect bites; treats all sorts of mucous-membrane irritations, headaches, constipation, tearfulness, weak memory and fatigue.
  10. Nat. Phos. Nature’s antacid; eases digestion; a natural acid/alkaline balancer; eases arthritic pains and stiffness, relieves stress, lifts mood and neutralises the system; eases gout and arthritis.
  11. Nat. Sulph. Stimulates and decongests the liver; an excellent diuretic and toxin cleanser; regulates body fluid in the metabolism; clears dark rings under eyes; eases flatulence and biliousness; helps to digest fatty foods and eases over-eating of junk foods.
  12. Silica. A cleanser; brings boils and sties to a head; helps the body to expel splinters; relieves excessive perspiration and offensive odours, especially smelly feet; used for children who do not grow and thrive and who are physically weak with a tendency to recurrent infections; supports and improves memory after stress and overwork.

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Source: Tissue Salts for Healthy Living, by Margaret Roberts, Published by Struik Nature.

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Tissue salts

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