My Top Food Fats and Oil Remedies

Healthy fats are not fattening – they’re de-fattening. Healthy proteins are not fattening – they’re de-fattening. All starches are fattening; all forms of sugars are fattening. If you are in very good health, yes, you can continue to have your fruits but try to consider a healthy protein, for example, cheese, before you have blueberries or before you have an apple or a pear.

Now my best oil remedies are: extra-virgin olive oil, butter, avocado oil, organic coconut oil. Try not to overcook foods with your oils. Again, the best oil remedies are when you take unprocessed, extra-virgin oils on your salads or your steamed vegetables. Butter is a very good fat, so if you want to put a lot of butter on your steamed vegetables, or a lot of extra-virgin oil on them, it’s all wonderful.

Eating a piece of bread will give you a sugar spike which will trigger an insulin spike and excess insulin is inflaming, fermenting and fattening. However, if you took half a piece of bread and buttered it well, then the butter in the bread would prevent a sharp sugar spike from the bread, and if there is no sharp sugar spike then, of course, there will be no sharp insulin spike.

I offer you a video seminar on, ‘Insulin friendly foods and insulin unfriendly foods’. It’s about 40 minutes long with a lot of practical, useful, simple ways of preventing obesity, preventing diabetes, reversing diabetes and weight loss. For the seminar you need to go to: You can also take my free course on weight loss, and related is my free course on insulin toxicity.

If you don’t find a little time for health; most likely you’ll have to find a lot of time for being sick. That’s your choice.


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My Top Food Fats and Oil Remedies

Professor Majid Ali
About The Author
- He is a surgeon, pathologist, immunologist, allergist, and teacher in self-regulation. He has written many books as well as articles for medical journals. He is deeply committed to ‘an emerging new possibility of a molecular medicine’, a medicine that seeks to reverse chronic disease and preserve health using non-pharmacological molecular protocols of nutrition, allergy and chemical sensitivity, self-regulation and fitness. He is the author of The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine.