Top Tips for using your Juicer

Summer’s here, and this month Jason Vale brings you a selection of delicious juices to keep you cool and trim.

  1. If your juicer has a pulp bin, line it with a bio-degradable bag or waste bag. It saves washing the pulp bin and the waste can be collected and transferred into the compost bin/waste bin easily.
  2. Fill the chute with produce before starting the machine.
  3. When the motor is running (machine is started), plunge the produce down half way and then keep topping up the produce and continue to juice like this until you have juiced everything needed to make the juice.
  4. Keep the motor running for about a further 15 seconds after all of the produce is juiced – you will be surprised at how much juice will keep coming out of the machine.
  5. Always juice pineapple at the end. Some soft fruits, such as pineapple do not juice well as the fibres can block the filter and so it’s always best to juice these last.
  6. Wash the juicer straight after juicing as this then allows you to relax and enjoy your juice and stops the juicer from getting stained or the left-over pulp going hard and making washing the juicer tricky.

Summer Slimmer

1 Pink Lady apple, ¼ medium cucumber, 1 celery stick, 3 cm raw ginger root, 1 small handful of ice. Serves 1.

The Juicy Way To A Slimmer You! Put the apple into the chute, followed by the other ingredients. Juice the lot! Pour over ice.

Best Served… on a hot summer’s day, slight breeze blowing over your skin, relaxing in your favourite recliner, on your balcony overlooking the park, listening to the gentle murmur of the world passing you by as you sit back and sip this cool, green, super Summer Slimmer.

Super Slimming Foods

Did you know that celery has a 5 calorie intake, but it takes 10 calories to digest it! And cucumber is a natural diuretic, it helps to flush excess toxicity from the body – both of which aid weight loss.

Summertime Blues

2 large handfuls of blueberries, 2 large handfuls of blackberries, 2 (peeled) oranges, 1 small handful of ice. Serves 1.

Juice up this Blues Blaster. Peel the oranges leaving on as much white pith (a source of pectin) as possible. Place one orange in the juicer chute before turning it on, pack in the berries and finish with the other orange. Juice on the slowest setting. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Best Served… Relax, leave your troubles behind and lift your mood with some juiced food!

Naturally high in Antioxidants

All berries are high in anthocyanidins, this and other phytonutrients account for the purple, blue and red pigments of some berries. Antioxidant anthocyanins counter inflammation by erasing the oxidative damage done by an excess of free radical molecules in the body. A study conducted by the National Institute of Health found that the anthocyanins in berries inhibit key enzymes that lead to anxiety and depression.

Summer Lovin’

1 Pink Lady apple, 1 medium pear, 1 small parsnip, 1 handful fresh mint leafs, 1 small handful of ice. Serves 1.

‘You better shape up’. Load the pear and parsnip in the chute, then pack in the mint behind it. Place the apple behind the mint and juice the lot, pour over ice and enjoy.

Best Served… in an open top Cadillac at a drive-in movie, taking sips in between singing ‘Greased Lightning’ at the top of your voice. Also recommended if you happen to be ‘stranded at the drive-in, branded a fool’.

Did you know . . . Parsnips are pretty cool, their unique spicy-sweet flavour comes from the first frost which converts the starches to sugar.

1/3 (peeled) lime, 400g fresh berries, 1/3 (peeled) pineapple, 1 small handful of ice.

Lolly in a Glass

1/3 (peeled) lime, 400g fresh berries, 1/3 (peeled) pineapple, 1 small handful of ice. Serves 1.

Lip smackingly delicious with a zesty zing. Pack the raspberries into the chute, then turn the juicer to the slow speed and push through slowly. Crank up your juicer to the highest speed and blitz through the lime and pineapple. Pour over ice and enjoy as a juice or freeze into lollies, the perfect treat for young and old alike.

Best Served… listening to ‘Greensleeves’ to bring back those nostalgic memories of running for the ice cream van, a few coins in your hand, crazy with anticipation for a tasty cold treat on a hot summer’s day. Except this time you don’t have to worry that what you’re eating isn’t good for you.

Raspberries are available in four different colours. Although red and black are the most common, they can also be purple or even yellow. There are over 200 varieties of raspberries.


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Top Tips for using your Juicer

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