Nothing of our physical senses can ever fully satisfy our Soul. No part of reasoning from our ‘sensible’ earthly mind will ever know the true inspiration and guidance from our Soul. May we be humble and listen to that still, small voice from within, whose whisper is more powerful than all the shouting of this turbulent outer world. ‘I would rather have the whole world against me than my own Soul,’ says the wise one.

We cannot fathom the depth of our Soul, from whence springs inspiration and intuition, any more readily than we can see the bottom of the ocean. We must actively seek those rare moments of clarity, when time and place cooperate to give us a glimpse of Truth, as a diver may see treasure on the ocean floor. Our Soul often leads us to doorways of perception, as if to prove they do exist. There are two kinds of people: those who are searching for the Truth of God, and those who through their Soul, have found this Truth Divine.

Source Demartini JF. The Wisdom of the Oracle. 1st Books LibraryTM; 2001.


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Dr John Demartini
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- He is a leading inspirational speaker, authority on human behavior, teacher and author. His knowledge and experience are a culmination of 35 years of research and study of more than 28 000 texts in over 200 disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and theology to neurology and physiology.